kathryn (katya) vasilaky

job listings in data/programming/experiments

Global Research Associate - Precision Agriculture for Development, Harvard University apply, Worldwide.

Experimental Lab Manager - Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, apply, Berkeley, CA

Data Scientist - Decision Science at Blackboard Insurance, apply, New York, NY

Full-Time Research Assistant position, at UCLA Anderson, apply, Los Angelese, CA

Buzz Feed, apply UIUX News Data Analyst SE, New York, NY.

Project Jupyter internships, apply UIUX and apply SE, Cal Poly, CA

Behavioral economis lab, Yale University, apply, New Haven, CT

Research assistant position in decision neuroscience, Pitt University, apply, Pittsburgh, PA

Behavioral research in environment, Rare, apply, Pittsburgh, PA

Behavioral econ research, Busara Center, apply, Kenya/Nigeria/India

Development jobs, Jameel Poverty Action Lab, apply, US, International